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Oral health care, regular check-ups, cleaning and more

Oral health care, regular check-ups, cleaning and more The Dental Planet offer comprehensive general dentistry, providing a foundation for maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime. When it comes to your dental care, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Each member of our team that you interact with during your visit will take the time to get to know you, understand your unique oral health needs and provide personalized care.

General dental services include preventive dental care and many procedures associated with the maintenance of a healthy smile:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Dental fillings
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Root canal
  • TMJ treatment
  • Tooth extractions


Cosmetic dental treatments can bring a major change to your entire personality. There is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is on the rise; everyone desires to have a beautiful, natural smile to be proud of. Cosmetic dentistry has given back the confidence that is very important in a person to socialize.

Cosmetic dentistry is not only beneficial during and after the results have been gained, it spawns to years of maintenance to a saved tooth.

We provide several choices for cosmetic dental work such as veneers, whitening, deep cleaning, E-max crowns, among others.

General Dentistry Image
General Dentistry Image


Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. After the procedure is finished, a dental implant will have the same strength and stability as a natural tooth. It will also look and feel like a natural tooth.

A dental implant typically lasts for life and requires practically the same amount of care as that of a regular tooth.


Unfortunately, some people lose their teeth and it’s usually not their fault. People lose their teeth for many reasons: Some people are born with poor teeth, while others lose their teeth over many years due to accidents, disease, poor dental hygiene, smoking, and more.

For example, the second most common cause of tooth loss is trauma -caused by accidents- which can happen to anyone, even children. Genetics or some types of non-dental diseases may also cause tooth loss.

We provide High impact Acrylic Dentures, Valplase which is unbreakable and fits the ridge of your mouth perfectly, we also provide Chrome Cobalt Dentures for full and partial Dentures A dental implant typically lasts for life and requires practically the same amount of care as that of a regular tooth.

General Dentistry Image
General Dentistry Image


Dental crowns and Bridges have been around long before implants and have stood the test of time but Dentistry is a work in progress. In the past Crowns were made with porcelain fused to a metal substructure but now we have Zirconia, eMax , CADCAM and beyond. A crown is done when a tooth is decayed or after Endodontist Surgery. It basically caps the tooth structure and once seated in the mouth it looks very much as a natural tooth and with the same function.

A bridge is done when a tooth is missing between two teeth which we call abutments. The bridge closes the gap and is not only functional but cosmetically pleasing.


How is its use in dentistry different from conventional methods?
Conventional dental labs that make artificial teeth rely primarily on skilled technicians work manually with traditional casting methods (making wax patterns). This is an age old process, labor-intensive, demanding, and not cent accurate. This is where 3D printing has changed dentistry interns of precision, accuracy and speed making dentistry hassle free for both doctors and patients.

What does the future hold?
Studies predict that in the future, dentists would be able to print you a newly 3D printed artificial tooth in 6.5 minutes and this can be coated with anti-bacterial agents. However, at this stage , it is too early for “teeth out of the printer”. Before we begin to use 3D printed body parts parts, more long-term studies are needed and those don’t exist yet. Advances in genetic engineering combined with additive manufacturing and CAD CAM will act as adjuncts to taking this technology widespread

What are the alternatives?
Traditional manufacturing processes , digital VR enabled CAD CAM restorations and genetic engineering in future hold promise for further developments in providing patients with the best quality of life in terms of chewing, aesthetics and oral functions. We recognize and appreciate the fact that every patient is unique and their concerns are different. Their clinical findings are different. hence, based on the clinical examination we here at Aesthetica Dental Implant Clinics, Kolkata can accordingly suggest you the other alternatives, best suited for your case.

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General Dentistry Image


Maxillofacial Surgeons are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of disorders affecting the facial complex and skeleton, including the jaws and oral cavity.

Contemporary training in both medicine and dentistry enables oral & maxillofacial surgeons to treat conditions requiring expertise in both fields. These include a range of common oral surgical problems (eg. impacted teeth, dental implants), jaw and congenital facial disproportion, facial trauma, oral cancer, salivary gland disease, temporomandibular joint disorders, and various benign pathologies (eg. cysts and tumours of the jaws).


Orthodontic treatment generally called braces. Types of available braces include metal, ceramic, liungual and invisalign. When you are wearing an orthodontic appliance, extra attention towards oral hygiene is needed to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It is a way of straightening or moving teeth, to improve the appearance and functionaltiy of the teeth. It help to look after oral health by spreading the biting pressure over all your teeth.

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Laser dentistry is fast, painless, highly effective

laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. The potential for it to improve dental procedures rests in the dentist’s ability to control power output and the duration of exposure on the tissue (whether gum or tooth structure), allowing for treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues.

If you consider yourself somewhat of an anxious dental patient and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you might consider looking for dentists who have incorporated laser techniques into their practices and treatments. It is estimated that 6 percent of general dentists own a laser for soft-tissue applications, with that number expected to increase over time.

As the applications for dental lasers expand, greater numbers of dentists will use the technology to provide patients with precision treatment that may minimize pain and recovery time.